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Guangdong Huasheng Investment Group Co., Ltd. (HS Group) is a professional investment and development firm specializing in private equity investment, real estate development, construction service, property management and hospitality management.

The group’s sole subsidiary, HS Construction, is one of the first batch has obtained two national licenses of First-Class qualifications in Guangdong Province: Construction General Contractor and Contractor of Municipal Public Construction. Craftsmanship spirit is what defines HS Group in property development and construction service, which helps the group gaining a large number of prizes, such as the “Wuyang Cup Award” and the “Luban Award”, also named “National Prime-Quality Project”, the top honors in China construction industry. Moreover, our property development projects are being awarded the "China Famous Residence", "The Best Quality Estate", "Top Ten Communities in Guangzhou", "Top Ten Liveable Residence in Guangzhou" and many other honors in several real estate developments. During the past ten years, we always value the importance of being a moral, responsible and reputable enterprise, and there believes help us to assesse as the “Industry Advanced Corporation” and the “Trustworthy Enterprise" for 18 consecutive years by the government. The group also won the 2012 annual "Hu Run Report Chinese Industry Award”.

In private equity investment sector, we have completed a number of investments with more than RMB500 Million in several fields, including Medicine, Healthcare, AI, and Big Data Analysis. We look for more investment opportunities with innovation technologies and business models, especially in the Great Bay Area. At the meanwhile, we actively expand our business in Hong Kong and Australia.

Huasheng Group has strong sense of social responsibility and actively contributes to the community. In 2001, the group invested the first and by far the largest student accommodation in Guangzhou with RMB200 million to support higher education, which solved the shortage of student housing issue in the state. Also, the group has continuously provided financial aid to students from low-income families for more than 10 years. In 2016, the group established the “University Villas - Student Aid Fund” to help more students in need. And the fund was awarded with the “Charity Star” and “Outstanding Contribution Award” by the Shantou City Government.

The pursuit of excellence and improvement has always been the faith of Huasheng Group, and with such faith, it shall help to conquer all the challenges in the future. The group is more than willing to cooperate with business partners from different sectors and to share the success together.